Saskatchewan-Owned & Operated

54e Dev Studios Inc.

True Esports
OneShot Golf

Alpanda Game Studios

an indie developer team comprised of freelancers around the world currently working on a ranching sim RPG
Ranchers of Kyvos

Amuses Me Games

For people that love puzzles and hate timers
Prismadrop, Go Go Redball, Fire Words, Antigrav

Bitcutter Studios

Specializing in VR gaming.
Balloonatics, Groove Gunner

Bitwad Entertainment

Reimagining Retro Gaming in the Mobile Space
Xero Hour


Pixel Magicians.
Moonshell Island, Santria

Dragon Fly Games

Passionate about creating profound narrative experiences through games
Beyond the Oaks

Everglow Interactive Inc.

I’m a goofy goober. You’re a goofy goober. We’re all goofy goobers.
Party Panic

Foolish Mortals

Very foolish and very mortal makers of strange and innovative games
Radio General, Kaiju Wars, Lazer Cops, Murder Most Misfortunate

Loot Fox Games Inc.

Canadian Game Developer and Esports Team based in Saskatoon
Greedy Greens, Cloud Surfers, Bark Legends

Massive Corporation Game Studios

Industry booster and Retrogaming
Queen City Chaos, Cheese Runner, Brandins Buttons

Melcher Studios

All things interactive media
Sharknado: Eye of the Storm, RoodyMental

Night Owl Games

Minimalist perfection with technical execution

Sleepy Dragon Games

Whether you want something relaxing, adventures, puzzles to solve, or stories to explore, Sleepy Dragon Games has something for you.
Boonk, Race to Space 2048, River Runner

Studio Nevermore

Buns and birds making funs for nerds
Oh Jeez, Oh No, My Rabbits Are Gone!

Wily Steed Entertainment

We make the games that we are passionate about, because we want to play them too.
Deck of Many Dungeons

Winter Pixel Co

Over a decade of experience at building casual online multiplayer games for web and mobile
Hanky Tanky, IsoPutt

Berry Nice Games

Specializing in 3d models, original OST’s and Innovative Programming
Rusted Chrome

Foreign-Owned, Expat, and Remote Hires

Kindred Games

Our core design pillars are exploration, discovery, curiosity and growth.
Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff


If we don’t make it, we’ll publish it!
Super Stickman Golf, Flappy Golf

Snot Bubble Productions

Surreal narrative episodic games
Boreal Tenebrae


Hand drawn magic

Virtus Studios

DevSquad’s Game Development Wing

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