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SaskGameDev is a community organization dedicated to promoting, enhancing and growing the game development industry in Saskatchewan.

Started as ReginaGameDevs, the organization has grown to encompass all of Saskatchewan with over 300 members across the province. It serves to help people understand, enter and succeed in the gamedev industry through networking, workshops, information sharing, promotion, and mentorship. If you’re interested in game development and you’re in Saskatchewan be sure to sign up!


Connect with the largest tech community in Saskatchewan – one dedicated to game development


Learn new skills, get and share tips with other developers, join workshops, and keep up to date with whats going on in the Sask scene.


We help gamedevs. Whether its help promoting your games or studio, getting interviews and media coverage, help connect talent and opportunities, we’re here to make things happen.

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Photo by Brandon Harder / Regina Leader-Post

Kai Hutchence

Founder & Organizer
CEO, Massive Corporation Game Studios