by Bitcutter Studios

Pilot your basket with skill and speed while collecting weapons to sink your opponents.

Bark Legends
by Loot Fox Games

Legends say that rainfall in Bark Park is created by fearless dogs bouncing in the clouds.

Beyond the Oaks
by Dragonfly Games

The beautiful and deep horror game ‘Beyond the Oaks’ is a third-person shooter game

by Sleepy Dragon Games

Test your dexterity in this balancing game of skill. With every peg you gain more time, but is it enough to reach the next one, or the next…

Brandins Buttons
by Massive Corporation Game Studios

Simple to play but hard to master these abstract puzzles will have you scratching your head.

Cheese Runner
by Massive Corporation Game Studios

Cheese Runner is an ASCII-art cheese trading game set in a dystopian retrofuturistic cyberpunk world where cheese has been outlawed.

Cloud Surfers
by Loot Fox Games

Soar through the sky as one of eight adorable cloud surfers.

Deck of Many Dungeons
by Wily Steed Entertainment

In this fantasy role-playing game on cards, you and your friends enter the war-ravaged land of Koregard

Fire Words
by Amuses Me Games

The most gorgeous word game on iPhone

Go Go Redball
by Amuses Me Games

One of Apple’s ten most popular dashboard widgets

Greedy Greens
by Loot Fox Games

You’ve violated the law, pay the king a vegetable or serve your sentence.

Groove Gunner
by Bitcutter Studios

A VR rhythm game where you switch between shooting and blocking approaching targets & bullets

by Night Owl Games

Zen Golf Perfection

Kaiju Wars
by Foolish Mortals

Tactical turn-based Kaiju Game

Lazer Cops
by Foolish Mortals

Neon Coop Car Destruction

Oh Jeez, Oh No, My Rabbits Are Gone!
by Studio Nevermore

A cute charming game about rescuing bunnies

OneShot Golf
by 54e Dev Studios Inc

Mobile Connected Reality Golf Game

Oodles of Oozes
by Wily Steed Entertainment

Monster training oozy goodness

Party Panic
by Everglow Interactive Inc

Party Panic is an online and local-multiplayer party game.

by Amuses Me Games

An intense, fast puzzle game you won’t want to put down

Queen City Chaos
by Massive Corporation Game Studios

A retro brawler adventure game set in an anachronistic Regina

Race to Space 2048
by Sleepy Dragon Games

For puzzle fans and city-builder lovers alike, this fun twist on the number-matching style games takes you from grassy fields to space exploration!

Radio General
by Foolish Mortals

Voice-controlled WW2 Real-time Strategy

Ranchers of Kyvos
by Alpanda Game Studio

Ranching life-sim with heavy RPG and narrative storytelling elements.

River Runner
by Sleepy Dragon Games

Guide a barrel through a rock-strewn river, collect leaves, and try not to crash. How far can you make it down the river?

by Melcher Studios

Imagine a Rockband RPG for steering wheel drummers. You are humanity’s only hope for survival against an enemy that will eradicate all human life unless your drumming skills are on point. No Pressure!

Rusted Chrome
by Berry Nice Games

Navigate through a post apocalyptic world where robots and humans are at odds in this upcoming turn-based RPG

by Cheekynauts

A light-hearted, modern-setting RPG with a strong emphasis on exploration and character interactions, featuring a tactical battle system

Xero Hour
by Bitwad Entertainment

Mobile Platformer/Runner Game

Foreign-Owned, Expat and Remote Hires

Boreal Tenebrae
by Snot Bubble Productions

Solve the murder. Find Sarah. Complete the ritual. The truth is deeper still…

by StudioMDHR

Classic Run and Gun Platformer and world-wide smash hit!

by Virtus Studios

Third Person Action Co-op Game

Flappy Golf
by Noodlecake Studios

Flap your way to the hole in as few flaps as possible to earn all the Gold Stars. Can you get them all and unlock Super Star Mode?

Sharknado: Eye of the Storm
by Melcher Studios

You are stranded in the eye of a tornado…wait, is that a shark?

Super Stickman Golf
by Noodlecake Studios

With dynamic mini golf courses, new power-ups, customizable characters, achievements and different multiplayer modes, Super Stickman Golf will keep you on the fairway for a long time!

Swords ‘N Magic and Stuff
by Kindred Games

Discover ancient ruins, hunt for treasure, defeat bosses and decorate your house in this immersive, hand crafted, casual online RPG.

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